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Post by ZoogieFlames on Thu May 12, 2016 9:54 pm

We have made several sets of rules in the past, but for this clan, we are combining all the rules from all previous Zoogie clans to create the best rules yet!

1. Always spam and always destroy clans when possible.
2. No illegal junk. Includes downloadable games, viruses, etc... Punishment: Instant Ban
3. No inappropriate pictures, videos, etc. Includes naked people and junk. Punishment: Instant Ban
4. No insulting clan leaders. Punishment: 2 Warnings in one
5. No Advertising your clans. Includes posting links. Punishment: Warning
6. No spamming our clan. There are many other clans to spam such as FGN and SgK. Punishment: Warning
7. Do not ally with enemy clans.
8. Respect all Zoogies. If you do not, you will be instantly banned.
9. Do not question the Zoogie Council. What we say is final.

Most Zoogie Clans use a form of ZoogerZoogieZooger's rules topic, meaning there are only about 4 rules that don't come from Zooger.  Smile

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